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An integrated approach to preparing youth for the global workforce as healthy citizens

The Links, Incorporated created its first program facet, Services to Youth, to equip black youth to use their intellect and spirit of achievement to become successful and productive citizens. Today, The Links, Incorporated continues to implement aligned, integrated and transformational programs that are responsive to the academic, health, cultural, social awareness, career development, and mentoring needs of youth.

The Services to Youth facet uses an integrated approach to prepare young people to succeed as healthy citizens in the global workforce and to promote healthy lifestyles within families and communities.

The Services to Youth facet continues to implement three national initiatives, two signature programs and two national programs in support of our mission to enrich and enhance the lives of black youth.

The primary goals of this facet are to:

  • Close the achievement gap from K-12  through college, with the intent of preparing our youth for the global workforce as healthy citizens
  • Promote the integration of a health and wellness component focused on youth, families and communities in our Services to Youth programs
  • Develop training modules for local K-12 through college mentoring programs, to ascertain a high level of support for youth in our communities
  • Expand and support science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education and promote the integration of the arts we, "The Links" are taking (STEM to STEAM)
  • Promote and support historically black colleges and universities (HBCU's) for ensured sustainability

​​National HBCU Initiative

The goal of the National HBCU Initiative is to implement and support efforts that align with President Obama's plan to increase the retention and graduation rates of students attending college by the year 2020. While emphasizing the relevance of HBCUs' past, present and future, this initiative will create synergy and complement program initiatives already underway. The Links, Incorporated supports HBCUs and encourages chapters to:

  • Partner with other national organizations
  • Host HBCU college fairs and other events
  • Mentor and recruit students to attend and graduated from HBCUs
  • Promote health and wellness with students
  • Promote and encourage a connection with an HBCU and its STEM programs
  • Identify opportunities to support faculty research and/or professional development
  • Contribute to the sustainability of HBCU institutions​

Services to Youth

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